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Adam White

Seagrass Barista Adam White is a man of many talents. 

Born in New South Wales, Adam moved with his family to Cairns where after finishing school he managed several cafes, took himself through a TAFE course in IT and undertook a Chef apprenticeship. His search for a career seemed to always bring him back to hospitality. After following a girl to Perth and managing a patisserie and café restaurant where he learnt about coffee Adam soon found himself back in Cairns. Again, his many talents led him to managing a restaurant where he was Chef, Barista and Manager! It was here where his interest in coffee was piqued when he learnt more about specialty coffees.

But soon he was on the move again this time following his girlfriend Frances (who was a customer in Cairns) to Hobart where she’d taken a position as a Pharmacist at Calvary Hospital. Adam did a few shorts stints at a couple of places before he discovered Seagrass and has now been here for a year and loving it. He says this will be his last hospitality job as he is now studying Criminology which takes up all his leisure time after working hours. Although he still squeezes in some time to use his IT skills creating his own operating systems for mobile phones and other devices. He certainly is a man of many talents.

Like most young men Adam obtained his driving licence at 18 but it wasn’t until he came to Hobart that he actually owned a car. When you drive into Seagrass you may see Adam’s little blue Daihatsu Pyzar with “Miss Daisy” on the back. Adam says he bought the car from a man named Mohammed on-line and the Miss Daisy writing wasn’t apparent in the photos. It seems the car belonged to Mohammed’s sister and no-one has ribbed Adam about the signage, so he sees no need to take it off.

Adam’s softness is apparent when he talks about the pets in his life. Adam has always been a cat lover and when he moved to Hobart from Cairns he had to leave his 17 -year-old cat behind in the care of his Mother. A few months ago, Adam discovered a couple of abandoned kittens at the rear of Seagrass. Along with fellow worker Lucas, he adopted one which he was planning to call Harry but changed it to Harriet when it was discovered she was a girl. Those two small abandoned kittens are now growing up in loving homes. By the way Lucas called his kitten Gaia which means Mother Earth.

Coffee is Adam’s great interest right now and he finds the challenge of designing new patterns of Latte Art keeps him stimulated and his customers fascinated.

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