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Anil Pandey​

His Father manufactures noodles in Nepal, but Anil Pandey has taken a circuitous route to end up in a food related business. As a front of house personality at Seagrass, Anil belies his educational achievements with a friendly smile and a willingness to help.


Achieving a Bachelor of Economics and Sociology at Trivhuwan University in his native Nepal wasn’t quite enough for Anil, he then went on and did his master’s in economics before entering the workforce in career counselling and international study. Always busy, he lectured at High School and Undergraduate level in the morning before working at Rex Education as branch manager during the day, then taking on the evening role of secretary at Rotaract. This led him to join his brother under a student visa where he added an MBA and Master’s in Professional Accounting at universities in Sydney.


Anil spent 4 years in Sydney where his brother Bram is a skipper for Captain Cook Cruises on the famous harbour. Working his way through university he helped as a deckhand and eventually as a cruise supervisor before the busyness of the big city became too much.


In May 2018 he visited Tasmania for the first time and liked what he saw. Returning in August that year without a job, Anil eventually had to settle for night-fill work at Coles Bridgewater and Big W Glenorchy. During these long nights he decided that accountancy wasn’t what he really wanted. He was a people person and needed something to put him in contact with the public. Surprisingly he found a job on Gumtree, applied and started at Seagrass soon after.


He enjoys the daily interaction with Seagrass customers and has settled into life in Hobart. It seems his customers feel the same:


“Anil is a special person. His hospitality is exceptional. Most attentive and always very friendly”– Morice Griffiths


“Anil from Nepal graces the tables at Seagrass and is the most welcoming waiter to grace our lovelyshores at Long Beach, Sandy Bay”– Lady Jane.


His wife of 4 years (Lila) works in a nursing home and they are expecting their first child later this year, in the meanwhile his leisure time is taken up playing Nepalese music on his guitar. So next time you’re in Seagrass you may think his glasses make him look a little studious but behind them he’s really having a great time.

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