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Sarah Harris

Water is a constant lure in the life of Seagrass Head Chef Sarah Harris.

Born in Launceston after a week she “ran away to Hobart” and has been chasing water-side activities ever since. Sailing Mirror class boats as a teenager she progressed with the Kingston Beach Sailing Club to be a joint Bosun setting courses and generally throwing herself into water borne activities.

Sarah started her hospitality career doing an apprenticeship at the Astor Grill, moving to Trout Bar and Café before the lure of being close to the water drew her to T42.

Looking for a change of scenery she chased more water on the Tasman Peninsular with a stint at Taranna before an even greater scenery change saw her put in a ski season at Mt Hotham. She says her knees didn’t allow any skiing, being one of the hazards of life as a chef and on your feet all day.

Next Sarah took 3 months off to travel Europe. When asked what she did there she says she spent most of her time drinking but did take time out to check out the food offerings of London and Paris!

A stint at the Cascade Hotel working with the infamous Graeme Sice was next before moving to Onba and Tasmanian Coffee Roasters in Sandy Bay. A 5-week holiday in Canada saw her checking out the latrest food trends in Vancouver before spending 18 months as Head Chef at Hotel Soho.

However, the lure of working closer to the water saw her move back to T42 as 2nd Chef.

Once again, a change of scenery was her wont and so with her partner it was off to Melbourne where she worked in a busy daytime café for 2 years before returning to Hobart.

She waited a month before the call finally came from Bernadette and a return to the water’s edge as Head Chef at Seagrass.

Sarah now loves her waterside location and the thought of getting outdoors and going boating and fishing. The only drawback is finding the time to sail away, with her role at Seagrass a demanding but enjoyable commitment as she gazes out on the waters of the Derwent estuary.

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