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Lamb Shoulder

When the chefs at Seagrass were looking for a Winter Warmer dish, they couldn’t go past Tasmanian Lamb. The green pastures and ideal climate of Tasmania’s sheep districts, ensures our lamb is of the highest quality.  It’s a favourite with the locals as well as visitors to the island state.


It was natural then, that the chefs decided on Lamb Shoulder as the ideal dish to provide a warm healthy winter menu feature.

In order to achieve a succulent, tasty experience the lamb is slow cooked for 12 hours overnight in the Seagrass kitchen. It’s then removed from the pan and the pan juices are reduced to a Jus. The meat is then pulled, and the Jus poured back into the meat before it’s seasoned and rolled. That’s not the end of the preparation though. The meat is left overnight to firm up and take shape before being cut into portions. 

Before serving it’s popped onto the grill to create a nice crust on both sides of the succulent meat. Served with mashed potatoes and greens, the dish is complimented with a beetroot marmalade and a separate secret recipe Jus created in the Seagrass kitchen. Topped with a garnish of Italian Parsley, it’s the warm healthy winter dish that Seagrass clients can enjoy on a cold Hobart winter’s day and keeps the smile on Seagrass staff knowing it’s all Tasmanian produce.


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